Welcome to livemusic.ecu.edu

Enjoy live ECU concerts streamed right to your computer.

Calendar of live streaming events:
Most events in the recital hall are streamed either audio-only or audio with video. Check the concert calendar for upcoming events.

Access live stream (only available during scheduled events)

Technical Information:

System Requirements

-Mac OS X 10.3 or later
-256 MB RAM
-QuickTime Required
-DSL/Cable Internet access Required

-Windows XP or newer
-256 MB RAM
-QuickTime Required
-DSL/Cable Internet access Required

Technical Tips

  • The latest version of QuickTime is required for you to be able to reliably view the stream. QuickTime is free and available for Mac and Windows users.
  • If RealPlayer launches instead of QuickTime:
    • Quit RealPlayer
    • Launch QuickTime
    • Choose "Open URL in New Player"
    • Type in: rtsp://livemusic.ecu.edu/concert.sdp
  • If you have a 56k modem (dial-up Internet service), you will not be able to reliably receive this stream. For quality purposes, you will need a broadband connection to the Internet (DSL or Cable modem minimum) to view content on this site.
  • Windows XP users: Windows XP has a built in firewall that will (by default) block the stream. To turn it off, access the control panel (under the Start menu) and open Network Connections. Right-click on the connection you're using (for a cable or DSL modem, it's usually gonna show up as LAN connection) and select Properties. In this window, select the advanced tab and uncheck the internet connection firewall.